Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things have been going well here in Germany. I have been staying busy running errands and doing my best to help Bro. Green. We pretty much have everything packed up here for the Greens. We just have a few loose ends to tie up and then they'll be moving back to Frankfurt for the short time they are still here. Stephen and I will be flying back to the States on the 6th of July! I can say that I have enjoyed the visit here in Germany immensely but I love the U.S. and look forward to getting back! :)

I have been trying to get into a little better shape while I am here and part of that is jogging. Yesterday Jacob and I went on a three mile run (that's running, no walking breaks). If you have not done that it'll do something for you! I am slightly sore, but it was well worth it! Been running almost every day so hopefully It'll help me out a little!

I recently was able to get the Hooker Family's newest CD. They are from First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN and they are a real blessing. Their newest CD, Through The Storm has been a real blessing to me. Thought you might enjoy a couple of their latest songs. Enjoy!

Yes, I have been blessed! As time goes on and I get older I realize how small I am in comparison to HIM.


  1. Oooh! Like how you did the song/videos! Good idea...

  2. Hey Bro. Hope you're do'in great!!! Look'in forward to seeing you back in the States man. All that video footage will be fun to go thru eh!!! You the man soooooo you better have captured some good stuff!!! LOL:) Ok, well you enjoy your last few moments over there and have a safe trip home!!! To bad you'll be missing the 4th!!!! God Bless!!!!

  3. Hey Jonathan,
    thanks for the comment on my blog~
    I love ''I have been blessed'' too! Me and my family sing it in church all the time! I know you must miss America,and I know you'll be glad to be home. I'll be praying for you as you travel Home!I have never been out of the states, but I would love to go on a missions trip someday. I enjoyed the songs... I haven't heard the hooker family in awhile.I should get their new CD. Well anyway thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    I love those songs! Thanks for sharing them. "I Have Been Blessed" is an amazing song, and truly speaks of my life.

    I read and follow your sisters blog, so that is how I found yours. I have really enjoyed reading it, please keep up the good posts.

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