Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, had to post something to let everyone know I was still alive! I've been pretty busy helping the Green family pack up their stuff and ship it back to the States. Monday morning we packed up their shipping container and sent it off on its way to the States. Yesterday we ran some errands in the morning and loaded up a rental van/truck with church equipment and took off for Frankfurt where we unloaded it this morning at a church there. Just got back from there now. We will take another load of stuff to Frankfurt this evening (I'm not sure I will be going on that one) and the rest of this week will be busy getting the house here ready to move out of.

God's been good, and I'm looking forward to getting back to the States in less than two weeks!

Sorry I don't have any pics at the moment. I am hoping to get a camera sometime soon!


  1. Hi Jonathan, saw that you posted ten minutes ago. Hey, can you e-mail me @ I lost your address. Thanks. Have fun packing.

  2. Hey Jon!
    Glad to see you finally posted again! Oh, and what about that new blog header, eh? (hint, hint!) :)