Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wow, time is flying by extremely fast! I can't believe it's been more than a month that I've been in Germany.

Not too much new and crazy going on with us! We did have a chance to fly up to Nykoping (Pronounced Ny-sho-ping) Sweden and spend a little more than 24 hours there. We booked the tickets on Ryanair and paid 16 Euros apiece round trip!!! Sweden was cool and it was the farthest north I have ever been! Daylight lasted about 19 hours! The neatest thing I think I liked about Sweden, (besides the flight up, I absolutely love flying! I'm working on my pilots license!) was the chance we had to witness on the main street in Nykoping. Bro. Green, Stephen and I stood around the street and sang about 10 hymns and the people were very receptive! We had a great opportunity to witness to people, albeit it was hard because we did not speak Swedish!

We have been busy helping the Green family pack up and get ready to go back to the States on an extended furlough. Pray that they would get encouragement and direction when they return.

I had the opportunity to preach the Wednesday service at the church here! I have been blessed with opportunities to preach in the recent days! I am always grateful for the pastors that allow young men the opportunity to preach and learn.

Well, I have to go and run and errand for Bro. Green! Until next time, LGBM! Let God Be Magnified!!

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  1. Great, Jon! Can't wait for ya'll to come home!!!