Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ahh, I can breathe again! Dude, it seems that I have been going nonstop since I came back from Germany! It has been a real blessed time though! Starting 4 weeks ago we were in a missions conference from Monday to Sunday that Dad preached. The Preaching was awesome and the fellowship just as good. Staritng 2 weeks ago,dad preached, we sang, and participated in a Monday through Friday family camp run by Lighthouse Baptist Church in northern Kentucky. As a good camp always has, we had lots of good preaching by Dr. Anthony Frusco, tons of sporting activities, and more good food than I should have had!

All of the week before last we had a tremendous time at the Jubilee in Crossroads Baptist Church in Sellersburg, In. I have made a lot of good friends there, and they are always an encouragement. One of the most fun things that week was to be able to play my bluegrass instruments with Bro. Brian McBride and some of his family and friends! If any of you know Bro. McBride, he is so totally great a preacher and Bluegrass player!

Currently we are at Tri County Baptist Church in Franklin, WI. We will be singing there is the morning and then heading out to Southside Baptist which is on the other side of Milwaukee for the Evening where we will sing and Dad will preach. The plan is to stay parked here at Tri County until next Saturday when we will begin heading up to my sister Kathy's place in the U.P. of Michigan!

Pray that God will give Stephen and I wisdom on what to do this coming fall. I believe that God wants me in missionary aviation and so that is something that obviously I need to get my training for. I have considered several Bible Colleges that offer missionary aviation courses, but I have to weigh that out with my parents thoughts and the ministry needs here. God knows what's best and I'm trusting in Him!