Friday, May 1, 2009

Here's some pics of our tent raising today!

The finished product...almost!

26 feet from the center.

That's precisely where

we had to drive our stakes

for the tie downs!

We figured we needed to get
some exercise too, so we played
volleyball, basketball and football
for about 4 hours! Great fun!


What a night! Mom and Sharon went to a mother-daughter banquet at church this evening for (I know you guessed it!) Mother's day. Dad was working his evening shift on post and that left me in charge of the little ones at home. Nothing new, but that combined with me trying in vain for hours to track down my 2008 tax return and attempting to learn a couple new songs to sing at our up-and-coming tent meeting, it was interesting to say the least! Just a burnt pizza later here I am! :) (burnt by me no less, and I HATE burnt food!) Did find a video camera online that I am interested in.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 we will raise the tent over at church and hopefully get things ready for the tent meeting starting this next Monday! Please pray that God will meet with us and that souls will get saved and people will be revived! Stephen and I will be able to preach under the tent one of the nights, Lord willing. I am mulling over a message titled "But I have prayed for thee" taken out of Luke 21:31-34.

Speaking of scripture I have been thinking lately about us as young people. (Yes believe it or not!) Specifically I was thinking about how nice it is to have such great friends that are an encouragement to me. That thought led me to think that a lot of young people have friends that are a bad influence on them. Peer pressure is a real thing.
So the questions at hand are: 1. Is there such a thing as good peer pressure? (I would think so). 2. What are your guidelines that you hold yourself to with your friends? 3. Is a youth group a great tool to reach young people, or can they be a liability?
These are things I have been thinking about and I would like to get any of y'alls angles and views on these things! Young poeple usually don't discuss what they believe and I think it's great way to encourage one another!

Well, I'll hopefully have some pics of the work day at church tomorrow. Keep on serving God!



  1. So, is there Good Peer Pressure?!?!?!? Why sure-- that is what I am !!!! lol!!!! :) Yes, surely there is a big role that peer pressure can play in folks lives. It (peer pressure) is usually talked of in negative ways, probably because people misuse the privilede of influence. No one lives to themselves alone and all of us have influence-- but will we use it properly!?!?!? Pastors, Teachers, Parents, all play a role but the role of peers is much more subtle and has a great amount of impact. So, have fun, be good, and stay true to the principles you have established and never lose your dignity eh!!! Be true to right and always be a friend. Never judge or criticize but never loose your beliefs just to fit in. It truly is sooooooo cool to be a Christian so don't trade who you are for a season of sin eh!!!! Not worth it!! TRULY!!!

    OK, guidelines with friends-- well they shouldn't be too different then when you are just with anyone else or by yourself -- however it may be wise to be mindfull of the family and personal beliefs of your friends to be sure not to offend one of the brethren without cause. Look, the misnomer that you have to be an idiot with your friends to have fun is just plain dumb to me. Cristianity is about LOVE, JOY, PEACE,...... what is boring about that!?!? So, keep the faith and walk the walk ever open and affable to make new friends and willing to always be a true friend. Why are soooo many young people-- so not friendly!??!?!!? Wow, let's get over ourselves and just be friends!!! IF You have the friend of all friends in your heart (JESUS) then you have nooooooo excuse!

    OK, lastly---- Is a youth group a great tool or a liability !?!?!? Well, it can go either way. But my personal experience is that they are an awesome tool. I have been with challenging and encouraging youth groups that went out and were great witnesses for the cause of Christ== reaching out to folks that would never have listened to older folks!! On the other hand I've heard the stories of youth groups just hang'in out and do'in nothing but no good. That has not been my experience though, so I would say that youth groups are a great tool and bring young people together so folks are less likely to couple up and form there own clicks.

    Just some thoughts!!! God Bless You All EH!!! MARK

  2. Hmmm, well put Mark! That's exactly what I was looking for: some thoughts that other people have on these topics. I too have seen the blessings of a good youth group and the effect it has on young people. One of the first youth groups I was around was in my home church in Pennsylvania. As should be there was a good leader (Bro. J.J) who loved God and loved having fun! I think the big problem in many churches is that serving God becomes boring and teens don't like boring! (I can't stand boring!) When serving God is fun and adventurous there is no need to have the world fulfill our desires. I was always blessed to be in an exciting home! We've never lived in one place for more than 3 years! As a result I have never had any real urge to see what fun the world can offer. I have plenty of fun! I think a good youth group that has God as the focus with good leadership and good activities can be a tremendous tool to reach teens.

    Keep up the comments!

    God Bless ya'll! Jon