Thursday, May 28, 2009

I don't exactly know what to write since I think Stephen has covered about everything in his blog!

We did have a very excellent time taking a trip over to Graffenwoehr, and then down to Garmisch. I have been in more countries in the last two weeks than my entire life up to our trip over here! What an amazing opportunity! On Saturday we did drive over the Czek border and spent several hours there. The one thing that I thought was amazing was to see the old communist buildings that still stand. It reminded me of the Cold War! I wouldn't have been surprised to see military checkpoints set up everywhere. All in all though, since they became a republic, things have gotten much better for them.

Sunday was really a blessing because we went to a military church in Graffenwoehr and saw several people baptized and making decisions for Christ! God is using Bro. Beach! (Yes that is his real name! I know, we spent the whole weekend at the Beaches of Germany! :) )

In the afternoon we made the three hour drive down to Garmisch and the Alps! I have always loved mountains and these are no different! Extremely beautiful! The pictures don't really do them justice. We went to the evening service at Bro. Ryan Johnsons mission work in Garmisch and he very graciously allowed us to stay in there prophets chamber above the church. The church is located right in downtown Garmisch. In Germany they mainly use big apartment-like buildings in the downtown areas and this church is meeting above a crystal jewelry store. It was real neat to be able to observe the German people as they go about there days. I try to pick up as much German as I can, but I am still lost whenever people try to talk to me in German! It's very fun to try to make out as much as I can though! A lot of German towns have their own marching band which I think is real cool! On Monday night in Garmisch they set up their bacnd in the town square and played for about an hour! It was real neat to see them with all their uniforms on.

As Stephen wrote, the Neuschwanstein castle was real cool to see. After the tour we hiked over to a really beautiful waterfall close to the castle. We boys hiked across the river and got as close to the waterfall as we could. The water was so clear and looked so refreshing and people were wanting for me to jump in so I did! The water was made from melting snow so it was real cold and turbulent, but it was well worth it! It's not every day that you get to swim in a waterfall!

Tuesday Stephen, Jacob Green and I hiked up one of the Alps which was only 5000 feet high, but still a pretty good hike. It was incredibly beautiful! I figured we hiked over five miles of very steep mountain trail so we were exausted by the time we got to the top, but the view was incredible! Once again the pictures don't hold a candle to the real thing! After we got down we drove the nine hours back to the Green's house here. A very awesome trip!

I have been trying to observe as much of the German culture as I can, and it is very different. They are extremely structured in their rules and everything to the point of stifling any imagination! For instance it is a law that a child has to ride in a booster seat while they are in a car until they are 13. As if that is not enough the law specifies that only the oldest child in the car can ride shotgun up front! What a drag that would be!

Germans don't get married until they are well in their 30s and having children is not a good thing! The government will pay people to have children! I had wondered the first couple of weeks where all the young people were, and now I know. There's not very many young people period!

All in all, I have really enjoyed my stay here thus far. I would just love to go out soulwinning sometime in a mall or something, but at this point with my extremely limited German skills I can only pass out tracts and act happy! :)

God bless the USA- the greatest country on earth!!


  1. Hey! I know a family that are missionaries to Graffenwoehr. They came to visit our church once not too long ago, April. Their last name is Cooper and they have 14 children....did u happen to meet or hear of them? Sounds like you are having a good time, i will continue to pray for you. :)

  2. Wow, Jon! Boy, do I miss you! But glad to know you're having a great time over there. Love the blog! Keep up the good work!