Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Endeavour

Well, I've surprised myself again! This is a genuine honest-to-goodness real blog! Never thought I'd see the day. But then again sometimes change is a good thing! Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

The main thought process for this blog is to be able to post pictures from our up and coming missions trip to Germany. The main drawback to that idea is that I do not have a suitable camera with which to take pictures to post! But there has to be a way to get some kind of camera and I am determined to find that way!

The other purpose of this post is to be able to blog some thoughts and ideas that I and my friends might have on different spiritual topics. For instance right ow I am working on a study of if we as Christians can identify other believers (or non-believers) based on their "spirituality" (or lack there of. Having a public place to express these thoughts would seem to be a good way to get a forum of other people to study and add their thoughts too. Topics such as news items and political "happenings" would be somethings that would be very interesting to open up to discussion.

One thing is for certain-God is good. As my friend Mark so unmagnificently says- LGBM! (Let God Be Magnified!)


P.S. Thought I might post a few pictures. Hopefully they won't become redundant with my brother Stephen's blog pics!

This pulpit I am standing behind is the pulpit in the old auditorium at First Baptist Church in Hammond, In. While we were attending Pastor's School in March we came early one morning and were able to hang out in the old building. Imagine standing in front of the pulpit that Bro. Jack Hyles and many other great men of God preached behind!!

My little nephew Matthew Siegwart Jr. This picture is special because I had not been able to see him much before then, and he never wanted me to hold him. I instantly made friend when I started playing with his little model car with him!!! Go Matt Jr!


  1. Oh yeah!!! KUTGW! (Keep Up The Good Work)

  2. Hey Man, cool to see your blog-it is really looking nice eh!!! :) Look forward to keep'in up on everything and viewing the different topics of conversation!!! Take loooooooooooooots of pictures in Germany eh!!!! Well, you keep up the good work -- alright!! LGBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your friend, Mark